How to Lubricate a Electric Trailer Jack

How to Lubricate a Electric Trailer Jack

Lubricating your trailer tongue jack is just as important as lubing any other moving part of your trailer. A trailer tongue jack that isn't properly lubricated can stick, squeak, or even seize up completely, which can be a significant safety hazard.

In order for your trailer's jack to operate correctly, it must be lubricated. General wear and tear from the elements, collisions with other trailer parts, and even moisture from outdoor storage cause additional wear on your jack. Regular lubrication will keep your trailer moving smoothly.

Electric trailer jack maintenance is almost easier than the upkeep you need for a manual jack. The principal benefit of keeping your electric jack in top working order is that it will never let you down, which can be vital when you're loading or unloading a heavy trailer or even a boat. Over time, the gears and mechanism used to raise an lower your hydraulic jack will wear out. But once you understand how your electric jack works, it's easy to do periodic maintenance to ensure that everything is working well.

The tongue jack slides through a tube bracket and lifts the rear of the trailer. Be sure to lubricate the slide bracket and also the bottom of the vertical tube so that both parts slide smoothly.

No doubt there are many cleaning and lubricating options out there. Find the one you like best. What I use is WD-40 and WD-40 Dry Lubricant.

First go to each side of the ram and make sure to spray it with WD-40. Wipe it clean with a microfiber soft cloth. You can use either the dry lubricant or regular lube but dry lubricant prevents dirty and build up so Id suggest that you use that one for the best results.

If you want to use grease instead of WD-40 then you can use a grease gun and give one pump on each side of the rod that moves up and down. Raise and lower your jack to spread the grease on all contact points and wipe off any big globs of grease.

You should make it a habit to grease your coupler and hitch ball before each tow along with your trailer jacks on a monthly basis.

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